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The room is located in Harkortstraße in the growing neighborhood of Altona Mitte – across from Holsten Brauerei. Take a look at Google Maps. We will move into a room of 60 square meters on ground floor.
The room will be devided into an open space in the front and a studio in the back.


In 2020 OK, BYE will be opening its doors as a public art space in Hamburg, Germany. The space will give room for collaboration, skill sharing and open discussions – as a place for art but also as a place where topics can be discussed that float on the edge of mainstream society, challenging the status-quo. Communication and the exchange of thoughts and ideas are essential to transform creative spaces into a progressive and accessible (work) environment. OK, BYE aims to be a place where these principles are mandatory.


Our mission is to promote emerging queer and marginalized artists – showcase art that challenges and provokes – engage and educate local communities in workshops and exhibitions – and strengthen connection and collaboration between artists.
We strongly encourage artists to contact us with their portfolios, particularly trans and female-identifying artists, and artists of colour, as these groups are currently underrepresented in our field of work.

If you've got any idea on how to use the room – exhibitions, pop up concepts or workshops – please feel free to contact us.


We are looking for you!

On April 1st we will be moving into our new space. Therefor we are currently searching for a fourth person to join us. Every room mate can use the space equally. First of all, this will be the place, where you work. But on a second thought it would be great, if you have ideas for art-related events or events with a social impact to host here. Feel free to contact us if you share the vision of a bullshit free studio space.
The rent is 350€ (netto) each. To discuss further details it would be great to get to know you.

Let's talk! Please send your intro via mail.